Employer Assisted Housing


What is EAH?

The Employer Homebuyer Assistance Program (EAH) encourages Chester-based employers to provide financial incentives for their employees to purchase homes in the city. Since 2008, seven Chester-based employers have provided financial incentives through EAH, normally in the form of forgivable loans averaging $5,000 each. This program has provided affordable housing for 23 households since its inception, and has involved primarily large-scale employers that can forgive the loan balance after five years. Based on feedback from current partners and collaborating businesses, The Riverfront Alliance has identified the need to expand EAH services and design a more flexible program that is appropriate for the resources of small- and mid-sized employers.

The Riverfront Alliance is committed to expansion of the Employer Assisted Housing program because we believe homeownership creates real and intrinsic value in stabilizing neighborhoods and communities. Further, homeowners have the potential to build equity in their properties, providing an opportunity to accumulate a financial asset.

The Riverfront Alliance seeks to be the ultimate resource for those interested in this program and encourage you to look into our resources page here.

Currently the following members offer an Employer Assisted Housing program: Chester Housing Authority, Chester Water Authority, Crozer-Keystone Health System, Delcora, Delaware County Community College, Harrah’s Chester Casino, Health Mats Company, and Widener University.