Economic Development

Having played a prominent role in the economic and social evolution of the Commonwealth, the Delaware County waterfront communities are well positioned to lead the region’s economic resurgence.  Located in the epicenter of an emerging commercial and industrial resurgence, there are a number of regional assets that provide a unique competitive advantage.  With its myriad transportation assets, including access to rail, major highways, an international airport, and the river, these communities meet the location needs of both traditional and new economy businesses. An extensive utility infrastructure, skilled workforce, and industrial/manufacturing heritage are added appeals.

Recognizing these strengths, Delaware County’s Blueprint for Growth looks to capitalize on growth opportunities by advocating the following:

Development of a technology and innovation network

– Partner with research universities to educate business/industry on technological advances to compete in regional, national, and global markets

– Create opportunities to facilitate technological solutions for business/industry based on needs to increase productivity and possible expansion


Repurpose Vacant and Underutilized Properties and Maximize Delaware River Opportunities Enhance Global Trade Opportunities Develop Concurrent Local Strategies


Establish an Innovation Corridor – A place for job creation, business expansion, recreation, and creative mixed-use developments

– Areas for incubating businesses

– Allow for expansion of current businesses

– Improve movement of goods

– Create new and exciting residential developments

– Enhance recreational opportunities


Establish incubators and research and development facilities

  • Identify and secure locations for incubator(s)

– Chemical/Plastics incubator(s) and expansion space

– Biomedical incubator(s) and expansion space

  • Develop incubator program guidelines that include criteria for graduating from incubator space
  • Continue regional collaborative economic development efforts to encourage technology transfer

(e.g., Ideas x Innovation Network [I2n], etc.)

– Existing sectors

– Target sectors


Maximize the Delaware River

  • Provide recreation opportunities
  • Catalyze waterfront development


The Riverfront Alliance stands ready and willing to work with all interested parties to maximize the economic potential of the region.