The Riverfront Alliance’s Board of Directors is comprised of organizational leaders who are committed to the economic and social development of communities along the Delaware County waterfront.  Recognizing that a unified voice and collaborative efforts are more powerful than individual endeavors, we will add Board members who are interested in advancing our mission, subject to the following requirements:

A director must be:

  • A natural person of full age; and,
  • An individual( not a designee) who is the Owner, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Senior Manager, or Chairman of the Board of Directors of a profit or non-profit entity which has an office or location within any community in Delaware County, PA; and,
  • An individual who pays or causes to be paid to the Corporation an annual fee, as determined by a majority of the Board of Directors, in conjunction with the adoption of the annual budget.

For additional information about joining the Riverfront Alliance of Delaware County, please contact Lisa Gaffney at (610) 447-7861.